Joe Clark, cofounder and CEO of Aviation Partners, Inc. (Booth C8114, Static Display), says that Aviation Partners Boeing’s new split scimitar winglets are a “go.” The SSWs promise to reduce a BBJ’s drag by 2.5% to 3.0% on top of the 4.0% to 5.0% fuel-efficiency improvement delivered by the current blended winglets that are virtually ubiquitous on all new Boeing 737 next-gen and BBJ aircraft. The drag reduction means that BBJ operators will be able to fly up to 200 nm farther or save up to 2,000 lb. of fuel on long-range trips.

“The Split Scimitar Winglet range benefit is tremendously compelling, given the missions many BBJ owners undertake,” Clark says. He also believes that API’s laminar flow research could yield even more of a drag reduction.

Slated for FAA STC approval in 2014, the SSWs will be available as a retrofit for BBJ, BBJ2 and BBJ2. Boeing officials were quick to add that SSWs won’t be available for new BBJ deliveries. Those aircraft will be fitted with stock APB blended winglets. Operators then will have to retrofit the SSW as a modification to the existing winglets. Weight increase, installation time and retail pricing have yet to be determined.