Jet Aviation is introducing an Airbus ACJ318 to its managed fleet in the U.S.

The U.S.-registered aircraft will be operated by Jet Aviation Flight Services’ West Coast team and based at Van Nuys, Calif. When the ACJ is added to Jet Aviation Flight Services’ FAR Part 135 aircraft operator’s certificate (AOC) later this year (or in early 2014), it will become the first ACJ318 in the U.S. and the only VVIP ACJ available for charter here.

The Airbus ACJ fleet in the U.S. remains surprisingly small, and the availability of this aircraft will provide a valuable shop window for future potential customers.

Cabin completion was handled at the BizJet facility in Tulsa, Okla., and the aircraft has now been flown back to Toulouse to finish its delivery procedure. It will return to the U.S. “in the next two or three weeks,” according to Jet Aviation Flight Services Vice President and General Manager Don Haloburdo – once the FAA registration process has overcome the effects of the government shutdown, he adds.

The new ACJ, says Haloburdo, “is an aircraft for worldwide operations. We expect it to fly from New York to Beijing, from Dallas to Tokyo, into the Middle East, into Europe and beyond.”

The first six weeks or so will be spent on exclusive operations for the aircraft’s owner, before it is transferred to Jet Aviation’s AOC for charter. The ACJ will then be available for $15,000 per hour, and Jet Aviation expects to sell 25-300 hr. per year. “The customers will generally be high-net-worth individuals with corporate backgrounds, rather than corporations themselves,” says Haloburdo, “and they’ll want the aircraft for more than a day trip on a worldwide basis.”