Honeywell expects certification authorities to sign off on several of its in-development cockpit upgrades before year end.

Two of the main programs underway are for the Falcon 7X and Falcon 2000 EASy II avionics upgrade work Honeywell is doing in conjunction with aircraft maker Dassault Aviation. Safety regulators are due to provide the type certificate for both programs before year end.

The program follows the upgrade already available on the Falcon 900, which adds synthetic vision functionality. So far, 42 Falcon 900s have been Hoemodified, nine more are in progress and deals for more than 50 additional upgrades under discussion, says Victor Valente, vice president for Honeywell’s business and general aviation activities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India.

The EASy II upgrade initially saw most market uptake in the U.S., but Valente says the customer base has broadened.

Around year-end the company may also complete the Primus Apex upgrade for China’s Y-12 turboprop. Company flight tests are complete and the work with the Chinese certification authorities is now underway, says Rob Wilson, president of Honeywell’s Business & General Aviation unit. The final approval could slip into next year, though.

Overall, Wilson says “we see a steady demand for upgrades and modifications.” That is driven in part by operators using their aircraft longer as they hold off on buying replacements.