Work has progressed on the year-end launch of a Channel Islands offshore registry, says Fergus Woods, director of civil aviation for the states of Guernsey and Jersey.

“We’re progressing with aviation laws and expect them to be ready and in the system before the end of the year,” he says. The registry will start with a limited number of local re-registrations. SGI Aviation of the Netherlands has been engaged as the business end of a private-public partnership to run the program.

“Quite a lot of people have already contacted us and we’ve been talking to local businesses about how they can be involved,” Woods says. “We’re still awaiting final decision-making regarding working jointly with Jersey. The positive side is that we’re talking.”

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry, which will be known as the “2-REG,” will be different from other offshore registries, with new features to attract owners of private jets and business aircraft, says SGI. It will be open to owners of large aircraft (above 5,700 kg) around the world which are not used for commercial air transport.

The 2-REG, like the Isle of Man’s M- Register, offers unique personalized registration mark combinations to its customers. A premium registration system is under development.

The Channel Islands is a group of British Crown Dependencies in the English Channel between England and France. Guernsey and Jersey are independent from each other. Both have cultural and political ties with the United Kingdom, but are autonomous in such areas as aviation and taxes.