A version of this article appears in the June 1 edition of Business & Commercial Aircraft.

The Global 6000’s cockpit, featuring Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics, is a work in progress. The baseline system offers four adaptive flight displays that support SVS, EVS, video, electronic checklists, XM satellite radio weather and FMS maps, plus a dual-channel, fail-active autopilot and auto throttles. Rockwell Collins MultiScan weather radar, triple IRS, TAWS and full-feature FMSes are standard.

The system is designed to support RNP operations, paperless chart operations, Class II EFBs and an enhanced flight vision system that will enable the aircraft to fly down to lower approach weather minimums.

Many functions and features, though, were not available when the aircraft first was certified. In response, Bombardier is offering a series of Service Bulletins that bring up the avionics system to full capability.

Software version 4.5, released in July 2013 and revised in November 2013, makes possible FMS takeoff and landing data computations (TOLD), enables operation of a third FMS, implements RNP 0.3 authorization required operations and turns on the electronic checklist feature. It also implements the TAWS vertical profile display and peaks modes, provides terrain on the plan map and makes possible data link uploading of flight plans and en route winds.

Version 4.9, scheduled for the second quarter of this year, improves the functionality of Link 2000+ for Eurocontrol’s controller to pilot data link communications via VHF Mode 2. Also slated for second quarter is approval for the EVS to be used for credit to fly down to a decision height of 100 ft.

Version 5.0, slated for third quarter release, will make possible FMS computed step climb performance, along with predictive climbs and descents, TOLD performance computations with slats/flaps up and slats/flaps 6-deg. takeoffswith unbalanced takeoff field lengths to improve accelerate-go OEI climb performance, improved SVS runway and airport imagery, and ADS-B Out, among other enhancements.