Fred L. Phillips, president of Shreveport, La.-based Petrolift Aviation Services, is taking delivery of the first production Eclipse 550, says Mason Holland, CEO and president of Eclipse Aerospace. Phillips has owned two Eclipse 500 light jets, including a 2007 model originally delivered to DayJet. His new 550 is complete with optional SVS and Lexavia IR EVS, XM satellite weather, dual FMS with WAAS LPV GPS receivers and antiskid brakes supplied by Yankee Pacific.

“Love the airplane and I love the company,” Phillips says.

Separately, Holland announced that 7,000-hour ATP-rated pilot and aviation enthusiast P. Bruce Dickinson, former lead vocalist for rock band Iron Maiden, recently earned his Eclipse 500 type rating. Dickinson now plans to invest in a UK-based Eclipse 550 distributorship.