Eclipse Aerospace and its European dealer, Aeris Aviation, join forces at EBACE to prepare Europe for arrival of the first new-production Eclipse 550.

Kenneth Ross, president of Eclipse Aerospace, has no doubt that early exposure at EBACE is the right move. “It’s an attractive market which has been showing tremendous interest, and the Eclipse is already certified in 64 countries worldwide,” he told Aviation Week’s ShowNews. “There are 40 Eclipses [the 500 model, built by a former iteration of the company] flying in Europe, all of which have now been upgraded to the full ‘Total Eclipse’ specification.”

Eclipse has reworked 30 ‘Total’ versions of the Model 500 and has just four left with a price tag of $2.15 million each, compared with $2.69 million for a new 550. One is on static display at EBACE.

Eclipse plans to deliver 10 550s in the final quarter of the year; 25-30 in 2014; and 45-65 in succeeding years.