Embraer (Chalet CD51) hopes to put a dent in the sales of the 737 Boeing Business Jet and A319 Airbus Corporate Jet with a new version of its Lineage business jet.

The Lineage 1000E, based on the company’s E-190 regional airline, features an extended range, a redesigned interior, new equipment and other changes that the company hopes will make it a strong contender in the VVIP market. It is making its Asian debut here at the show.

Embraer has been able to squeeze an additional 200 nm of range out of the airframe by removing 500 lb from the basic empty weight of the aircraft.

Since the aircraft is derived from the Embraer 190 jetliner, it was designed with two forward doors. On the original Lineage, Embraer would block off the door, since it was not necessary on a business jet, and plug numerous passenger windows that were blocked by the interior features. Embraer has redesigned the airframe without the second forward door and removed the “mirage” windows to provide a cleaner, smoother look on the outside and create a substantial weight savings.

Embraer also redesigned the routing of the harnesses, used lighter attachments for cabin management/inflight entertainment (CMS/IFE) architecture, and reduced cabinetry weight. The result is more payload for the same range, a range of 4,440 nm at high-speed cruise and of 4,600 nm at Mach 0.78.

From here in Singapore the 1000E is able to reach Auckland, New Zealand; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Baku Azerbaijan.

The range and fuselage changes are among a number of design efforts on the Lineage. The aircraft will come with a redesigned interior with layout flexibility. It has five zones with two rigid doors to provide separate rooms. The 1000E also will host Honeywell’s Ovation Select CMS/IFE package, which is completely digital and has iPad and touch-screen controls.

Embraer won Brazilian certification of the aircraft in 2008, and FAA certification followed in early 2009. Since then, the company has delivered about two-dozen units, but a number of them are shuttle variants. Only about 14 of those were strictly Lineages.

A Lineage 1000E is here in the Singapore static display alongside its smaller cousin, the Phenom 100.