Yasava will unveil in May the prototype of what it says is the first fully electric seat for business aircraft that is not adapted from a mechanical seat. The Swiss-based interiors design firm created the clean-sheet-design aïana seat, which includes wireless remote control and swivel and recline functionality. When in the full flatbed option, the bed measures 6.5 ft (2 m). The cocoon shape with surrounding shell also enables internal mood lighting.

Optimares will manufacture the seat; there is aa six-week lead time for the structure, but the complete product, including leather, could take up to three months. The prototype weighs 198 lb (90 kg) now, but the companies expect that amount to drop during the certification process.

Yasava, which is working with Ruag Aviation (Chalet CD67) on creating new cabin interior designs for long-range business jets, says current seats still represent 1960s mechanical technology, and that they are not optimized ergonomically or aesthetically. “Furthermore, with business aircraft flying longer sectors through multiple time zones, it is clear that the current methods of berthing seas and sleeping is more like camping,” says a company representative.

Ruag and Yasava debut their luxurious yet efficient interior layout at the Singapore Airshow this week.