Dassault, manufacturer of the Falcon series of business jets, says the U.S. is holding back the recovery in business aviation, contrary to the interests of the aircraft manufacturers and their customers.

Newly appointed Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier said in a Monday press conference at EBACE: “the White House has not been very supportive, and we have to fight to protect the rights of our supporters [in the bizav community].”

Warming to the theme, Jean Rosanvallon, CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet, then pointed a finger at Capitol Hill. “Uncertainty,” he said, “is the key word in the U.S.. The dynamics in Washington are not helping our industry.” Dassault is aware, remarked Rosanvallon, that a significant number of Fortune 500 companies are in need of refreshing their air fleets but are hesitating because of that uncertainty.

Dassault reports a similar market reaction to fellow bizjet manufacturer Cessna, in which the first two months of the year were promising, only for the early confidence to fall rapidly away thereafter as sequestration actions provoked nervousness.