Bell Helicopter – which has a regional service center in Singapore that also does maintenance and reassembly of helicopters – is looking to expand its technical capability here by doing more complex customization work.

C. M. Hwang, Bell Helicopter managing director of commercial sales for Asia Pacific, says the facility in Singapore already has the capability to do some customization, but he describes this as minor work, in which the team in Singapore are working from kits sent from the factory in the U.S.

He says they aim to do major customization work in future that involves adding advanced features needed – by enforcement agencies, for example – such as FLIR and searchlights.

The facility in Singapore also expects to add flight training to its repertoire. “The plan is to have a flight training device here,” says Hwang, who declines to say for which helicopter it will be. He says it depends on market demand, but types it may consider are the Bell 429 and Bell 412.

At the Singapore Airshow, Bell Helicopter has the Bell 407GX and Bell 429 on display. The 429 is in an emergency medical service (EMS) configuration.

Hwang says they chose to display the 407GX at the show, “because it has been a good seller for us, yet we have never actually had a demo tour or significant marketing event in Asia for the 407GX. We think we will get a good response having it at the show, because we did a demo tour of the 407GX in Australia, and that tour resulted in sales for us.”