City: Warsaw

Country: Poland

Status: Capital, largest city and financial center

Country visa: No tourism or business visa required for U.S. citizens visiting for up to 90 days.

Landing permit: Required for flights from outside the European Union (Poland is an EU member). Insurance coverage must be submitted with permit application (see “aircraft documents required,” below).

Sponsor letter: Not required

Aircraft documents: Everything necessary for a European Aviation Safety Agency SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) check is required. These include an airworthiness certificate, aircraft registration, insurance certificate with country coverage, maintenance logs, and pilot licenses and medical certificates; for charter flights, in addition to the foregoing, crew and passenger lists with permanent addresses, dates and places of birth are required, along with sponsor contact information (i.e., who the passengers are visiting). Note that a copy of the aircraft insurance policy must be submitted with the landing permit application; also, Poland enforces minimum coverage requirements based on aircraft MTOW — consult handler or Poland AIP.

Any other requirements for visiting aircraft: No

Carbon trading: The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) [sometimes referred to as “System”] is in full effect for all 27 member states, applying to both landings and overflights. Emissions per flight must be calculated from point of origin. Visit

ATC procedures: ICAO/Pans Ops

Any unique procedures: No

Altimetry: QNH

RVSM: Yes, per Eurocontrol

Metric or feet: Feet

WGS 84-compliant: Yes

Local navigator required: No


Name and ICAO identifier: Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA). (Note that name was changed from Okecie-Warsaw Airport in 2001 and that “Okecie” remains in use by ATC and in some airport references.)

Coordinates: 52° 09” 57'N, 20° 58” 02'E

POE: Yes

Elevation: 361 ft.

Runways: 11/29, 9,186 ft. x 160 ft., and 15/33, 12,106 ft. x 196 ft., both asphalt

Slots: Yes, required for aircraft with 12 or more seats. Also, see “Remarks” below regarding EURO 2012 (European Soccer Championship, June 8-July 1, 2012).

Curfew: Yes, while EPWA is a 24-hr. airport, a noise curfew is in effect for aircraft less than Stage 3-compliant between 2200 and 0600 local; PPR at least 24-hr. in advance to operate; however, approval unlikely. Curfew may be lifted for EURO 2012; check with handler.

FBOs: General Aviation Terminal

CIQ: In General Aviation Terminal

Parking: Apron 9, near General Aviation Terminal; during EURO 2012, parking will be limited to between 30 and 90 min. (see “Remarks,” below).

Hangarage: On request, subject to availability

Fuel: Jet-A1

Credit: Most fuel cards accepted but check in advance through handler.

Maintenance: Blue Jet, line and base service for Bombardier Global Express and Challenger 300; Cessna 560XL/XLS, 525/525A; TAG, Dassault Falcons

Lav service: Yes

Catering: LOT Catering, through GA Terminal

Fees: Approximate for 90,500-lb. MTOW (e.g., Gulfstream V/550, Global Express):

Landing Fee: $605

Parking (24 hr.): $90

Handling: $1,000-$1,500

Security: Good overall; however, armed guards are available.

Ground transportation: Various; recommended to book in advance through handler.

Distance and driving time to downtown: 6 sm/10 km, 15-20 min.

Remarks: During the European Soccer Championship shared by Poland and Ukraine, June 8-July 1, 2012, slot pool will be limited; operators should inform handlers as early as possible of their arrival plans during match days. No flight plan to EPWA will be accepted without slot identification numbers. Slots can be requested only by local handlers. Alternate airports have been assigned for repositioning and parking during game period for Polish and Ukrainian airports. For Warsaw Chopin these are Lodz (EPLL) and Modlin (EPMO). Note also that Modlin, located 22 sm north of the city, is scheduled to become Warsaw's second international airport in July 2012. BCA