U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno has asked the Army to review its rotorcraft programs to see how they fit into the Pentagon’s larger strategy emphasizing the Pacific region. “Most of the rotorcraft we have now [are] based on what we used to be doing,” Odierno told reporters after a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington Nov. 1. “We have to review that and figure out where does it fit and how does it fit. We’re going to do a pretty significant review of that.”

Odierno has asked for a rundown of the current inventory of aircraft and their capabilities relative to how they can fit in the new strategy emphasizing the Pacific and other geographic areas as well.

In addition to reviewing rotorcraft, Odierno is seeking to “reinvigorate” the U.S. Army’s relationships with other armies in the Pacific. Assisting the militaries of foreign governments does not require large amounts of equipment or dollars. But it does help build trust, he says. And despite the focus on air and naval capabilities when it comes to the Pacific, the governments of nations in that region remain land-centric. “We have to engage with them and develop those relationships,” he says.