Engineers on Boeing’s CST-100 commercial crew vehicle project are turning their attention to a forward heat shield jettison test and a hot fire of the capsule’s orbital maneuvering/attitude control engines, following a successful landing test May 2.

An Erickson Air Crane helicopter dropped a dummy capsule from 14,000 ft. over Delamar Dry Lake Bed, Nev., to validate its system of three parachutes and six airbags. The chutes deployed as planned, and slowed the capsule to a two-stage touchdown on the bags, which were designed by ILC Dover to release air from an outer section and bring the craft to rest on inner bags for a landing load expected to be in the 5g range.

Bigelow Aerospace, which may offer Boeing a second orbital destination for the CST-100 in addition to the International Space Station, participated in the drop-test, Boeing says.