Taiwan’s ATM provider and Thales Australia have finished the nationwide deployment of a new ATM system, which has been introduced in parallel with a major consolidation of airspace and control centers.

The system, based on the Thales Eurocat product, was inaugurated recently by Taiwan’s Air Navigation & Weather Services (ANWS). It will handle traffic domestically and in the Taipei Flight Information Region that ANWS is responsible for. The contract for Taiwan’s ATM upgrade was awarded in 2006.

More than 27 sites were involved in the system deployment, including two new consolidated control centers in the north and south of Taiwan, 11 remote towers and several remote radio and flight information sites in Taiwan and surrounding islands.

According to a status report on the ANWS website, the transition to the new system was completed with “no abnormal errors.” All terminal approach controls and en route controls have been transferred to either the North or South ATMS Parks.

The Eurocat system supplied to ANWS includes Thales’ Multi Sensor Tracking System, which fuses data from various types of surveillance sensors. This should allow “increased capacity capabilities [and] optimization of air routes,” a statement from Thales and ANWS says.

Thales also supplied an integrated aeronautical information system, a digital voice control system, simulators and training systems.