ST Aerospace’s operation spans Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe, but it would like to add to that list.

In terms of airframe capabilities, President Chang Cheow Teck says, “We are always on the lookout for opportunities and are prepared to invest in markets that we believe can complement” the MRO’s operation. “To this end, an airframe facility in Europe or the MENA region will certainly complement the ST Aerospace global footprint,” he says.

The MRO obtained its business license for a new airframe facility in Guangzhou, China, which should open in 2013. That facility will offer line maintenance, heavy maintenance and modification services for narrowbody aircraft. “Also in China, we expect our new engine facility in Xiamen to be operational by the first quarter of 2012,” says Chang.

Last August, it added a line for its Boeing 757 passenger-to-freighter conversion program in Singapore. “We may deliver at least 18 converted aircraft on average annually if our customers so require. We also have plans to add one more line,” he says.