Engineers at Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) are evaluating whether a solar array deployment problem on the Intelsat 19 satellite launched June 1 will affect other satellites “under construction.”

The cross-shaped South array on Intelsat 19 did not deploy as planned after its launch from Sea Launch’s Odyssey floating pad on the equator in the Pacific. The North array deployed nominally, according to SS/L, and the telecommunications satellite is in a “secure configuration” in geostationary transfer orbit while SS/L and Intelsat look for a way to get the array deployed, the companies say.

Two other spacecraft based on the 1300 bus are due for launch this month: EchoStar 17 on an Ariane 5 on June 19, which is a tandem launch with Europe’s MSG 3 weather satellite, and the SES 5 communications satellite on June 21 on a Proton.

Intelsat 19 is intended to replace Intelsat 8 at 166 deg. W. long. From that position, it would provide C- and Ku-band service for media, government and network customers across the Pacific region and in the Western U.S. Intelsat says the satellite and launch are “fully insured.”