PARIS — Russian space agency Roscosmos launched Israel’s Amos 5 communications satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Dec. 11, pairing the 2,000-kg (4,410-lb.) spacecraft with the agency’s Luch-5A data relay satellite atop a Russian Proton M/Breeze M rocket.

Built through a cooperative venture between ISS Reshetnev of Russia and Thales Alenia Space of France and Italy for Israeli satellite fleet operator Spacecom, Amos 5 will expand the Tel Aviv-based company’s business to provide a fixed, pan-African, C-band beam and three Ku-band beams covering Africa, with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East.

Situated at 17 deg. E. Long. and carrying 18 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders, Amos 5 will offer direct-to-home broadcasting, VSAT communications and broadband Internet, telephony services, data trunking, cellular backhaul and video distribution.

“Amos 5 ... successfully launched into the target orbit and was separated from the upper stage and management was handed over to the customer, Israeli operator Spacecom,” Roscosmos said in a statement Dec. 12.

Russia’s Luch-5A geostationary relay satellite, also built by ISS Reshetnev and Thales Alenia Space, will be positioned at 16 deg. W. Long., where it will offer seven S-band and Ku-band channels. The 1,148-kg spacecraft will provide TV and data communications links between the International Space Station and the ground, as well as orbital control of spacecraft in low Earth orbit.