Automating aircraft maintenance data has proven a long and difficult process. “No solution does it all,” is the one recognized rule. Some major airlines, especially in North America, have continued to patch legacy systems like Maxi-Merlin and Sceptre. But new aircraft, massive increases in data burdens, and the pressure for regulatory compliance are prompting most to look for new solutions.

Airlines appear to be turning more toward best-of-breed maintenance solutions, rather than enterprise resource-planning (ERP) systems with maintenance capabilities. Trax and AMOS have been racking up big customer counts among airlines recently, and numbers matter as they give companies both experience and a larger user base to justify investment.

Airlines rarely have sufficient spare staff that are expert in both MRO and IT to manage a major IT transformation. That is one problem with trying to assemble a solution from among the best applications. And the best often are produced by modestly sized IT firms, not exactly what major corporations are comfortable with.

Beyond airlines, the rest of the aviation ecosystem—original equipment manufacturers, shops and distributors—also has its own often very specialized needs. The biggest companies, OEMs, have greater funds and management resources. But the ecosystem also includes small companies that, like airlines, can be hard-pressed to manage a major IT transformation.

Maintenance-management solutions differ substantially in their depth and breadth. Some are suited only for small carriers or start-up airlines that outsource most of their maintenance. These tend to be the most affordable solutions, easy on the budget of a young airline. More expensive applications that require additional time to install are necessary for larger carriers that take greater responsibility for performing or managing their maintenance.

In short, even as new MRO solutions become increasingly necessary, implementing them is not necessarily getting easier.

But choices abound. Here is a look at the significant IT providers in three classes: ERP solutions; fairly complete maintenance-management applications; and point solutions for particular IT challenges.

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Information Technology
Company Name Software Type Software Name Website
IFS Defence ERP
Infor ERP Infor Aerospace and Defense
Oracle ERP cMRO
2MoRO Solutions ERP Aero One
Adsoftware Maintenance Management Airpack
Applied Database Technology Maintenance Management Wings
Aerosoft Systsems Maintenance Management DigiMaint
Aviation InterTec Services Maintenance Management RAAS
Camp Systems Maintenance Management CAMP
Cimber Air Data Maintenance Management Amicos NG
Commsoft Maintenance Management Oases
EmpowerMX Maintenance Management FleetCycle
IBM Maintenance Management Maximo Asset Management
IBS Software Services Maintenance Management iFlight MRO
IFR Maintenance Management Amasis
Infospectrum Maintenance Management InfoTrak
Miro Technologies Maintenance Management GOLDesp, AuRA
Mxi Technologies Maintenance Management Maintenix
Pentagon 2000 Software Maintenance Management Pentagon 2000SQL
Rusada Maintenance Management Envision Maintenance Manager
Ramco Systems Maintenance Management M&E/MRO
Sofema Aviation Services Maintenance Management Various
Swiss Aviation Software Maintenance Management AMOS
Tata Consultancy Services Maintenance Management Swift
Tracware Maintenance Management AeroTrac
Trax Maintenance Management Trax Maintenance
Ultramain Maintenance Management Ultramain
Volartec Maintenance Management Alkym Management & Control System
4Sight Technologies Point Solutions em360, PMPro, CheckPlan
Aerdata Software Point Solutions Corporate Management System, Stream
AviIT Point Solutions eMan
Armac Systems Point Solutions RIOsys
CALM Systems Point Solutions CALM
Component Control Point Solutions Quantum Control
Corena Point Solutions Corena
Critical Technologies Point Solutions AirVault
EMC Point Solutions Xhive
Enigma Point Solutions Enigma 3C
Euroscript International Point Solutions Various
iBaseT Point Solutions Solumina
IDMR Solutions Point Solutions InForm
InfoTrust Group Point Solutions TechSight/X
MINT Software Systems Point Solutions MINT MRO
Omega Point Solutions Ames Suite
Perceptive Solutions Point Solutions Redstone
Superstructure Group Point Solutions AQD