NetJets expanded its network of customer-exclusive terminals with the grand opening Nov. 6 of a facility at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in Florida.

The 10,000-sq.-ft. terminal, built and operated by Signature Flight Support, is the sixth NetJets-exclusive facility in the U.S. with specific amenities tailored to the fractional ownership provider’s specifications.

NetJets, which announced plans to expand its network into PBI in 2011, views the location as particularly strategic since it’s one of its busiest locations with more than 10,000 flights annually.

The amenities include a children’s entertainment room – something not typically found at FBOs but a fit for the fractional ownership customer – along with a conference and business center, private offices, flight planning facilities and a crew lounge. The facility also comes with about six acres of paved ramp space for NetJets. NetJets Chairman/CEO Jordan Hansell notes that most of the amenities were designed to customer requests and requirements, such as ensuring it had adjacent parking and private offices and conference rooms.

The facility was the first such partnership between Signature and NetJets, but Signature will also operate a NetJets terminal in Van Nuys, Calif., through its acquisition of the Maguire Aviation facilities at Van Nuys Airport. That facility became a NetJets terminal last year. Also late last year, NetJets signed for exclusive use of an Atlantic Aviation facility at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, where it has about 4,000 annual operations. The three facilities joined NetJets’ owned private-use terminals at White Plains, N.Y., Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.

The facilities are all based at NetJets’ busiest locations, Hansell says. While NetJets has effectively doubled its terminals over the past year, he says the company is expanding only as the opportunity arises on a strategic basis. He does not rule out the possibility of future partnerships and/or other terminals, but NetJets is not actively looking to add large numbers of specific terminals.

The company, however, does have other locations, such as the Landmark facility at Teterboro, N.J., that are nearly exclusive use and carry NetJets branding. The additions, however, are part of a NetJets effort to differentiate and customize its offerings for its owners. All of the new aircraft the company is ordering are part of the “NetJets Signature Series” that include certain safety and entertainment equipment, along with customer cabin designs. “We’re investing in lots of different ways for our owners to provide services that are unique,” he says.