Several major Pentagon Inspector General (IG) assessments — some dating back years — have yet to be addressed, according to the IG’s semiannual report (SAR) released this month.

The “action pending” findings include several high-profile programs, such as the following:

• In May a 2008 report on armor requirements for the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTVs), the IG called for an “update on the capabilities documents for the FMTV to include armor kit requirements.”

The IG says once the requirements are approved, there is a need to document plans for issuance of the armor kits.

“Although action was initiated in late 2008, the Army has yet to establish validated armor kit requirements for the FMTV.”

• In its December 2008 report on Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, the IG called for new program guidance.

“Joint Staff (JS) has been delayed issuing revised guidance due to pending DOD (Department of Defense) overarching guidance being issued,” the IG says. “Marine Corps action is on hold pending completion of JS corrective action.”

• In an April 2009 report on Marine Corps reset programs, the IG called for updated USMC guidance to comply with departmental guidance on prioritizing requirements. “The USMC’s Ground Equipment Reset Strategy document was under revision and is now awaiting approval by the commandant,” the IG now reports.

• Regarding its Dec. 15, 2009, report, “Rapid Acquisition and Fielding of Materiel Solutions by the Navy,” the IG now says, “Long-term corrective actions are ongoing.”

• In its Jan. 11, 2010, report, “Defense Logistics Agency Contracts for M2 Machine Gun Spare Parts in Support of Operations in Southwest Asia,” the IG says the agency must “evaluate the metrics used to manage the product quality deficiency reporting process and update the agency’s Joint Product Quality Deficiency Report instruction.” Now, the IG says, there has been “extensive time required to develop, coordinate and implement the guidance.”

• While changes are being met to address concerns raised in the March 3, 2010 report, “Deferred Maintenance and Carryover on the Army Abrams Tank,” the IG says: “The proposed change has been incorporated into the revised financial management regulation, which will be published in the near future.”

More time is also needed to “finalize guidance” to address issues raised in a December 2010 report on contracts supporting the U.S. Navy’s Broad Area Maritime Surveillance UAV program. In that report, the IG said documentation needs to “be modified to include necessary surveillance and inspection requirements.”