Lufthansa plans to equip 20 Airbus A321s with the BoardConnect wireless system developed by its affiliate Lufthansa Systems that will be deployed on medium-haul routes to Central Asia, North Africa or the Middle East.

The airline plans to offer a typical in-flight entertainment (IFE) program including movies and an audio program. However, the carrier seems to have backed off earlier plans to provide internet access on short- and medium-haul routes, which it already has introduced on long-haul services.

According to a Lufthansa source, the airline has no plans to add internet access on its short- and medium-haul fleet. Only two years ago, the airline had considered such a move, but the source says studies have shown the installation would be more complex than initially thought.

Lufthansa also has not determined if IFE will be provided across the entire short- and medium-haul fleet.

The 20 A321s are to be equipped with BoardConnect by mid-2014.