Germanwings will save costs and streamline technical services for its 30 Airbus A319 aircraft by bundling many aftermarket support functions under one provider and one fleet manager.

By increasing its strategic cooperation with Lufthansa Technik through a mid- to long-term approach, Germanwings integrates individual contracts for airframe MRO, engineering, engine maintenance, landing gear and component service under one optimized contract with Lufthansa Technik. The MRO provider also stations a dedicated fleet manager at the airline’s Cologne headquarters to be the single point of contact for all operational issues.

At the same time, Lufthansa Technik complements Germanwings’ own MRO capabilities, such as supporting the airlines’ warranty and records management, to reduce maintenance costs.

Lufthansa Technik also launched a CFM International CFM56 life-limited parts management system for the engines, which power Germanwings’ 12 leased A319s, to ensure meeting the lessor’s redelivery requirements without spending too much on parts.

“This contract is an exemplary pilot project for a new relationship between airlines and MRO provider,” says Peter Jansen, chief executive-finance for Lufthansa Technik, who describes the approach as one that can deliver shorter decision-making and service executive times.

Although the companies are not disclosing cost-savings figures, Lufthansa Technik says the strategic partnership has provided “significant savings” in maintenance check escalations.