The number of GE Aviation and CFM International engines that should come due for a shop visit will be higher this year than last, says Tom Gentile, GE Aviation Services president and CEO.

He told Aviation Week’s MRO Americas Conference attendees that he estimates 1,681 GE and CFM engines based in the Americas will need a shop visit this year, compared to 1,596 last year.

He says 2010 was the low point for those engine family’s overhauls the past couple years, or he says, “the bathtub effect.” The economic downturn shifted GE’s forecasted overhaul schedule out by five years, says Gentile.

He estimates there will be a slight uptick next year, to 1,696 visits for Americas-based engines, and then GE and CFM powerplants will require 1,800 shop visits in 2013.