The French air accident investigation office, BEA, will issue the final report on the crash of Air France AF447 on July 5.

The report, to be released at BEA headquarters at Le Bourget outside Paris, comes three years after the Airbus A330 crashed June 1, 2009, on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. All 228 on board died.

The final report was delayed in large part by the long time it took to recover cockpit voice and flight data recorders after a painstaking, multi-phase search of the large, deep area in the Atlantic Ocean where the aircraft went down.

The A330 crashed after a prolonged stall from which flight crew failed to recover. One of the main areas of interest are why the pilots failed to recognize the stall condition or take the appropriate steps to recover the aircraft.

Preliminary reports said the incident began when the crew was confronted with conflicting speed information because of a brief period during which pitot tubes apparently were iced over, delivering inaccurate data to the flight controls, which caused the autopilot to disengage.

The accident has intensified focus on accidents involving loss of control.