The FAA today will hold a public meeting to solicit input on incentives for commercial and general aviation operators to equip their aircraft with NextGen capabilities.

In the most recent FAA reauthorization bill, Congress gave the U.S. Transportation Secretary authority to establish an equipage incentive program for U.S.-registered aircraft. Under the measure, a loan guarantee program could be established with appropriated funds or with fees and premiums. “The FAA is working to understand what options exist for establishing the most effective program even if it receives no additional appropriations to fund the incentive,” the agency says.

This program would be designed to encourage the introduction of NextGen-capable aircraft, with the FAA targeting base levels of equipment bundles that would accelerate NextGen benefits. “The FAA is examining various methods of reducing the government’s risk and determining the extent of industry interest in the program,” the agency notes.

The May 30 meeting will be held at the FAA’s headquarters and can be viewed online. Details can be obtained at