Germany’s Federal Aviation Office (LBA) is weak when it comes to oversight of airlines registered in the country, the European Union has found.

In a stunning finding concerning one of the EU’s leading aviation member states, aviation safety officials note that ramp inspections have found increasing numbers of faults with German carriers.

“The root cause analysis of the performance of these air carriers revealed particular weakness in the oversight of these carriers,” the EU states in the latest update to its safety blacklist. In particular, it points the finger at “insufficient numbers of qualified personnel within the LBA, thus impacting upon Germany’s ability to ensure oversight and limiting the LBA’s ability to increase the level of oversight where necessary.”

The EU’s Air Safety Committee also warns that German officials note that “no improvement in the situation would occur in 2011.” A review of LBA resources is now underway and could lead to the situation improving next year.

The EU also points out problems with specific airlines holding a German air operator certificate. For instance, the air operator’s certificate of ACH Hamburg has been suspended, with a review of the situation due next month. If the airline does not address concerns, the AOC will be revoked.

The LBA is also warning other carriers that have seen ramp inspection problems creep up that their AOC is at risk unless remedial action is taken.