Cathay Pacific still is considering an order for either the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747-8, but no decision is imminent, the airline’s CEO John Slosar tells Aviation Week.

Cathay for several months has been saying that it was weighing whether to order one of the competing large widebody passenger aircraft, and Slosar previously indicated that a decision could be made in the first half of this year. However, the decision “is going to drag on longer than that,” Slosar said at a Oneworld alliance event during the International Air Transport Association’s annual general meeting in Cape Town.

“We’ve done some work, but we’re not at the point that would lead to a decision,” says Slosar. He notes that the carrier is keeping in touch with what the manufacturers are doing with these programs, and “if the right opportunity came along we would take a look.”

One thing Cathay is considering is how the large widebodies would fit in its network. “We could easily deploy them, we have the routes,” Slosar says. However, the tricky part would be integrating them with the rest of the schedule. “We’re not delaying, we’re just getting to it and working it through,” he says.

Slosar notes that Cathay already has a large number of widebodies on order, such as Airbus A330s and A350s, as well as Boeing 777s, so the carrier is “not in a huge rush to do anything else at the moment.”

Regarding the proposed Boeing 777X range, Slosar says it is an aircraft that Cathay will look at closely. The carrier is one of the world’s largest operators of 777-300ERs, “and we like the type,” he says.