Boeing's India MRO facility will be completed in November, says the company's senior VP of sales for Asia Pacific and India, Dinesh Keskar.

The operation, based in Nagpur in central India, will have one large hangar that can accommodate either one Boeing 777 or three Boeing 737s.

Boeing agreed to establish the MRO company as part of an offset agreement with the Indian government linked to a large order for Boeing and Airbus aircraft the government placed on behalf of Air India and Indian Airlines several years ago.

Airbus VP International Cooperation Asia Pacific and Middle East Srinivasan Dwarakanath says that the civil aviation ministry has been calling on Airbus to establish an MRO company in India and that Airbus is examining the possibilities. But he was unable to give details on if or when Airbus will establish such an MRO company. Dwarakanath says Airbus tends to encourage others to establish MRO businesses.