Grupo Aeromexico and Delta Air Lines have reached a tentative agreement to build a new, jointly operated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) center in Queretaro—instead of expanding the existing one at Guadalajara as previously planned—and expect it be fully operational by 2014.

Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the carriers, they will move work currently being performed at Guadalajara International Airport to the new facility at Intercontinental Airport in Queretaro, next to that state’s Aerospace Park.

The new facility will enable heavy maintenance on as many as seven aircraft simultaneously, compared with three at Guadalajara, providing expanded MRO capabilities for the airlines’ own aircraft and for other carriers.

A Delta spokesman says the new facility will have the flexibility to accommodate virtually any size of commercial aircraft, from a regional jet to a Boeing 777.

Both carriers have offered heavy maintenance and overhaul services at the Grupo Aeromexico maintenance base in Guadalajara for the past six years.

Delta completed a $65 million investment in Aeromexico in early June, taking a 4.2% stake in its SkyTeam partner. That deal contemplated an MRO facility joint venture, although moving it from Guadalajara was not publicly discussed at the time.

Delta and Aeromexico did not disclose how much they are investing in the new facility, but say the costs will be split equally.