Israel Aerospace Industries’ Tamam division is unveiling the M19HD – its latest, biggest, most powerful multi-sensor payload. M19HD was developed as a standard EO mission payload for the Heron II MALE UAV. The payload was initially designed as a 19-inch unit, but was later stretched to 22.6 inches to accommodate a larger optical assembly.

In order to make it compatible with Heron I, Tamam modified the outer casing into an oval shape, thus handling the larger optics but maintaining the lower ground clearance required for Heron I. “Such a payload offers users to monitor targets and surveillance areas from great distances, far beyond the border, without penetrating protected air defense zones,” says Igal Mevorach, Tamam marketing director.

Comprising seven different channels, the M19HD provides clear high definition imaging in daylight and night, using high definition CCD and FLIR. The M-19 HD is designed for high-altitude, long-endurance, intelligence, reconnaissance, targeting and persistent surveillance missions.

The system features simultaneous observation in multiple fields of view, multimode automatic video tracker (AVT) and accurate geolocation of tracked objects, using embedded IMU/GPS (inertial measurement unit/global positioning). These functions ease the operator’s mission workload, when monitoring multiple sensors over different spectral bands.

While the M19HD is tailored to customer’s specific requirements, a typical configuration comprises zoom and spotter cameras and four laser devices – designator, range finder, pointer and illuminator. Tamam includes an electron multiplied charged coupled device (EMCCD) camera or short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera for such specific applications as wide-area automatic gunshot or launch detection.

Tamam is working on common optics for the M19HD, enabling all optical systems on board to “look” through a single assembly, potentially reducing weight, complexity and cost.

In addition to unmanned aircraft, the M19HD can operate fixed-wing aircraft, maritime vessels, aerostats or helicopters.