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Podcast: Why Carter, Work and Kendall Are Aviation Week's 2016 Persons of the Year

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on Jan 6, 2017

One of the latest and the last failures of Obama's administration!!
Sure Trump or Putin will be Persons of the year 2017!

on Jan 6, 2017

I loved oblamer telling ash to give him one more medal before the end....

on Jan 6, 2017

What a fraud! Who in the outgoing administration wrote this garbage. Chasing an uber complex design (F-35) that will do none of it's roles well, and is not even finished with development while being produced, and now faces new problems with carrier ops requiring more re-design. Bad project, Bad engineering, Bad procurement, Bad cost over runs. Just Bad! This is the perfect example of how NOT to produce a complex (too complex) weapon system.

on Jan 8, 2017

I have been slapped and spanked hard for telling those things!!

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