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Nov 19, 2012

Dragon's "Radiation-Tolerant" Design

Last week, NASA revealed that SpaceX's first commercial resupply mission to the ISS experienced a number of anomalies in addition to the shutdown of....More
Nov 19, 2012

Three ISS Crew Descend into Wintry Kazakhstan Aboard Soyuz Capsule

A Soyuz capsule carrying Russian, U.S. and Japanese astronauts descended safely onto the frigid plains of northern Kazakhstan late Sunday, bringing....More
Nov 14, 2012

French, Canadian Astronomers Find Nearby Homeless Planet

A collaboration between French and Canadian astronomers announced the detection of a young, free floating Jupiter-class planet on Wednesday, a....More
Nov 09, 2012

UK Ups ESA Investment 25% Ahead of Key Budget Meeting

Despite budget pressures at home, the UK plans to invest £1.2 billion in European Space Agency (ESA) programs over the next five years, a 25%....More
Nov 08, 2012

AvWeek's Space Laureates Finalists

Every year, Aviation Week presents our Laureates Awards. Space finalists for this year: + Curiosity Mars rover + Elon Musk, Chief Executive,....More
Nov 01, 2012

Spacewalkers Begin Space Station Cooling System Repair

Sunita Williams, center, emerges from U. S. airlock for International Space Station spacewalk.  Photo Credit: NASA TV....More
Nov 01, 2012

SpaceX Dragon CRS-1 Capsule Scores Safe Splashdown

SpaceX’s Dragon CRS-1 capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean west of Baja, Calif., Sunday afternoon, cementing a commercial version of the U.S....More
Oct 26, 2012

Cool Video

Orbital Technologies Corp. (Orbitec) mounted a flight camera on the flight test vehicle it used Oct. 20 to demonstrate its new "vortex" rocket engine....More
Oct 25, 2012

Russian, U.S. Soyuz Crew Docks with Space Station

Soyuz spacecraft with two Russian cosmonauts, NASA astronaut closes in on ISS docking. Photo Credit: NASA TV ....More
Oct 25, 2012

Elon Musk's Latest Interview

The new issue of Wired magazine has an interview by Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson with SpaceX's CEO: Elon Musk’s Mission to Mars. The whole thing is....More
Oct 23, 2012

Soyuz Departs for Space Station with U.S., Russian Crew

Soyuz mission departs Baikonur Cosmodrome, Pad 31, with three Space Station crew members. Photo Credit: NASA photo ....More
Oct 22, 2012

Photos and Video: Xcor Lynx Full-scale Model

Xcor Aerospace has assembled a full-scale, high-fidelity model of its two-seat Lynx suborbital spaceplane at the International Symposium for Personal....More
Oct 19, 2012

Scientists: Solar Wind, a Newly Discovered Source of Lunar Water

Samples from Tranquility Base suggest solar wind brings water to lunar soil. Photo Credit: NASA....More
Oct 15, 2012

Proton Launches IS-23

An International Launch Services (ILS) Proton vehicle launched the Intelsat 23 satellite from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Oct. 14. Liftoff....More
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Aviation Week is approaching its 100th anniversary in 2016. In a series of blogs, our editors highlight editorial content from the magazine's long and rich history.


Aug 27, 2015

Aviation Week Lifts Veil On Boeing B-52 Bomber (1952) 12

In 1952, Aviation Week provided the first details on the new Boeing B-52 bomber....More
Aug 14, 2015

Bonanza Travel Pays 3

The legendary Beechcraft Bonanza has an impressive production record, so perhaps the marketers back in 1949 were onto something when they coined the phrase "Bonanza travel pays."...More
Aug 14, 2015

Venerable Boeing 727 Prototype To Fly Again 28

The most famous 727, the prototype aircraft which would join United as N7001U, was delivered to the airline in October 1964 having served its time as a Boeing test aircraft....More
Aug 13, 2015

Aviation Week And The Bomb

Aviation News did not predict how nuclear weapons would change the world. But neither did anyone else....More
Aug 13, 2015

Collins Radar Takes The Ups And Downs Out Of Flying

Turbulence? Rockwell Collins had a solution for those bumpy rides in the early 80s with its WXR-700 Doppler Weather Radar....More
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