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Dec 11, 2012

Proton/Yamal 402 Update

Satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space says it is still working with Russia's Gazprom Space Systems to recover the Yamal 402 satellite dropped....More
Dec 10, 2012

Russia's Proton Loses Another Satellite

Khrunichev and International Launch Services (ILS) say an anomaly that occurred during the launch of the Yamal 402 satellite Dec. 9 has left the....More
Dec 08, 2012

ESA Gives Spain Mid-January Deadline to Confirm Funding

With Spain mired in economic crisis, the European Space Agency (ESA) is seeking reassurance that Madrid can put its money where its mouth is. In a....More
Nov 30, 2012

ESA Validates SABRE Engine Technology

The European Space Agency (ESA) is negotiating a contract with Reaction Engines Ltd. (REL) that could advance cutting-edge propulsion technology the....More
Nov 26, 2012

Falcon 9 RUD?

SpaceX is still investigating the anomaly that led to the loss of one of nine Falcon 9 rocket engines during the company's first commercial resupply....More
Nov 26, 2012

Don't Go Ballistic

In what amounts to a memo from the Office of Sanity, the FAA is withdrawing a previously published direct final rule that would have allowed launch....More
Nov 26, 2012

Study Suggests Earth, Mars Share Primordial Water Source, Chondritic Meteorites

In their earliest eras, the Earth, Mars and the solar system's other rocky planets drew water from the same source, chondritic meteorites -- not....More
Nov 25, 2012

Reaching for the Stars in Mojave

Two space access projects are making significant progress at Mojave Air and Space Port in California. Stratolaunch Systems, a Paul Allen project, has....More
Nov 25, 2012

Germany the Victor in Launcher Debate

The French put up a good fight, but it looks like Germany has won the battle over Europe's future launch vehicle development: The European Space....More
Nov 21, 2012

UK To Invest in Orion Service Module

Britain has committed €20 million ($26 million) to help pay for Europe's continued participation in the ISS. Flush with cash from an unprecedented 25....More
Nov 20, 2012

Taurus XL Mishap Inquiry Could Affect Antares

NASA says it may have discovered the root cause of two consecutive launch failures of Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Taurus XL rocket, a manufacturing....More
Nov 19, 2012

Dragon's "Radiation-Tolerant" Design

Last week, NASA revealed that SpaceX's first commercial resupply mission to the ISS experienced a number of anomalies in addition to the shutdown of....More
Nov 19, 2012

Three ISS Crew Descend into Wintry Kazakhstan Aboard Soyuz Capsule

A Soyuz capsule carrying Russian, U.S. and Japanese astronauts descended safely onto the frigid plains of northern Kazakhstan late Sunday, bringing....More
Nov 14, 2012

French, Canadian Astronomers Find Nearby Homeless Planet

A collaboration between French and Canadian astronomers announced the detection of a young, free floating Jupiter-class planet on Wednesday, a....More
Nov 09, 2012

UK Ups ESA Investment 25% Ahead of Key Budget Meeting

Despite budget pressures at home, the UK plans to invest £1.2 billion in European Space Agency (ESA) programs over the next five years, a 25%....More
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