Florida-based Techno Aerospace has acquired Dallas-based Jormac Aerospace, and with it has “taken its commitment to support the creativity of the designers to a completely new level,” augmenting an existing variety of finishes “for all of the surface materials commonly used in the industry.”

With modest origins 36 years ago, and originally called Techno Coatings, it continues to be a premier name in the aviation industry as a leader in offering electroplating services.

“We decided to expand our offerings with new technologies and an enhanced team,” says Techno CEO Pablo Camargo. “This effort resulted in the introduction in 2014 of four new product lines, offering a wide variety of alternatives for the finish of all hard surfaces in the aircraft interior.”

“We acquired or developed in-house extensive capabilities in taking hydrographic printing, dimensional metallization and ceramic coatings to a level worthy of VIP aircraft,” Camargo said. The firm offers “commissioned fine art,” too, either loose “or as the finish of monuments or structures.”

“Our finishes and our commissioned fine art are certified to the required specs, even to the stringent heat release and toxicity requirements of commercial and charter aircraft,” Camargo said.

In addition to North Miami, Techno Aerospace has facilities in Miami Gardens, Tampa Bay and Dallas.