Lufthansa Technik and GE Aviation signed a long-term comprehensive material service agreement for GE CF6-80C2 and CF34-3, -8 and -10 engines.

The deal encourages Lufthansa Technik to use more OEM parts and material. It also provides the MRO with intellectual property technology transfer so the companies can jointly develop repairs. This means the repairs developed by LHT will be OEM, opposed to DER, approved.

Brian Ovington, GE Aviation’s director of marketing, says this cooperative agreement should help both parties lower the total cost of ownership for these engines. He also told Aviation Week during the MRO Europe conference that Lufthansa Technik has an “active pipeline of repairs” in development for these engines.

The companies announced the agreement on Oct. 10 but it actually was signed last year. “It takes time to get a program like this up and running, but we feel very good about the program’s progress,” he says.