Commercial Jet just moved into Pemco World Air Services’ former complex at Dothan Regional Airport in Alabama, which will serve as an “overflow facility” for its Miami MRO operations, says John Schildroth, VP and general manager of the Dothan facility.

In preparation for the start-up of operations, Commercial Jet says the Dothan Houston County Airport Authority is completing $12 million in renovations and repairs. Schildroth says those upgrades should be “complete by the first of October.” He declined to say if Dothan will begin passenger-to-freighter conversion work before the renovation and repairs are complete.

Part of the company’s preparations includes converting an existing aircraft paint strip hangar into a building that can handle both strip and paint tasks.

Commercial Jet is counting on continued robust demand for narrowbody freighter conversions, particularly 737-400s and MD-80s, to keep technicians busy at its authorized Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. conversion center. While the initial emphasis will be on 737-400 and MD-80 twinjets, “there are other airframe [projects] on the drawing board right now.” He declines to specify aircraft types.