Lee Hudson

Pentagon Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Based in Washington, Lee covers the Pentagon for Aviation Week. Prior to joining Aviation Week in June 2018, Lee was at Inside Defense where she was managing editor for Inside the Navy.

Lee has covered Navy and Marine Corps issues since 2011, reporting at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, aboard ships and military facilities around the U.S.

Previously she worked as a staff reporter at The Daily Review in Morgan City, LA, covering local government and crime. Lee graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Marketing from Loyola University New Orleans.

Armed Scout Versus Assault—U.S. Army Weighs Rotorcraft Needs 
It could come down to a matter of timing, as the U.S. Army balances its requirements for new armed reconnaissance and long-range assault rotorcraft.
U.S. Marines Assess Ways To Accelerate MUX Buy 
The U.S. Marine Corps is assessing various acquisition methods to purchase the Marine Air-Ground Task Force expeditionary unmanned aircraft system (MUX).
Boeing Wins Lucrative Huey Replacement Competition  5
Boeing has received the first installment of $2.38 billion the U.S. Air Force will spend on the Huey replacement effort.
Mattis: S-300 Makes Assad Regime Stronger 
Defense Secretary James Mattis says the S-300 missile system keeps Assad in a position of obstruction.
Pentagon Innovation Shop Gets New Managing Director 
The Pentagon’s innovation unit has hired Silicon Valley veteran Michael Brown as its new managing director.
L3 Continues Investing In Unmanned Systems 
L3 Technologies continues to invest in the unmanned maritime systems space, acquiring ASV Global, LLC, an unmanned surface vessel and autonomous vessel control systems company.
Can The U.S. Air Force Add 74 Squadrons?  3
While analysts like the idea of adding to the force to fight high-end threats, budget realities are likely to get in the way.
U.S. Navy Rapidly Delivers T-6 3D Printed Parts 
The U.S. Navy rapidly delivered and approved the use of additive manufactured dorsal assembly ribs to keep T-6B Texan II training aircraft in the air.
F-35 Factory Copes With Growth Spurt As Lot 11 Negotiations Drag On  1
Can Lockheed Martin’s global production system meet ambitious delivery, pricing targets?
Affordability Initiative May Bring F-35 Price Under $80 Million 
Through two phases of its Blueprint for Affordability program, Lockheed Martin has saved $5 billion over the program life cycle with a $250 million investment.
Podcast: T-X Trainer Predictions And The Future of USAF 3
The upcoming T-38 replacement decision, future of the Joint Star replacement program, and the F-35’s massive production ramp-up are all big headlines rumbling under the surface. Listen in as Aviation Week editors discuss.
L3 Highlights U.S. Navy Unmanned Systems Comms Needs 
The more the U.S. Navy adopts multi-domain operations for unmanned platforms from a carrier, the more the service is going to need greater connectivity across the force, says Sean Stackley, L3 Technologies corporate senior vice president.
USAF Targets Light Attack Final RFP For December 
The Air Force anticipates delivery of light attack aircraft within roughly 18 months of contract award.
U.S. Air Force Mulls New KC-46A Delivery Date 
Delivery for the KC-46A was slated for Oct. 27 but the service is working with Boeing to determine whether this is still achievable.
USAF Calls T-6 Physiological Events ‘Extreme Outliers’  11
The U.S. Air Force says early analysis indicates that so-called physiological events (PEs) among T-6 pilots are “extreme outliers.”
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