Eastman Aviation Solutions participated in a case study with Juneyao Airlines located in Shanghai, China, to demonstrate and test the benefits of oil performance in reducing engine coking in CFM56-5B engines with use of Eastman Turbo Oil 2197.

The test inspection included an oil systems review on CFM56-5B4/P engine from an A320-200 aircraft. The engine was removed and sent to General Electric's Strother, Kansas, repair and overhaul facility for disassembly, inspection, and overhaul.  The test engine used ETO 2197 from 2006 to current where the engine accumulated 30,312 hours and 15,080 cycles since new.  


This study showed significant benefits of using Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 with regard to reducing or completely eliminating coking on affected components in the CFM56-B engine.

For more detail on this test, please see the full case study available here