Embraer Commercial Aviation still sees buoyant demand for 70- to 130-seat jets and is forecasting that some 6,250 new jet aircraft of that size will be delivered over the next 20 years to support growing market demand in regional air transport and to replace aging aircraft.

The value of the new orders tops $300 billion at list prices and the projected new deliveries will lift the worldwide fleet of in-service jets configured with 70-130 seats from 3,850 in 2013 to 6,250 by 2033.

According to the manufacturer’s market outlook for 2014-2033, the replacement of aging aircraft will account for the majority – 56% – of new deliveries and 44% will support market growth. There will be a stronger demand for larger regional jets than for the smaller types, the company says. Globally, some 2,300 units in the 70- to 90-seat segment will be delivered to operators worldwide and 3,950 aircraft in the 90- to 130-seat segment.

Embraer Commercial Aviation forecasts that most new regional aircraft will be delivered to customers in North America – 2,010 units, or about 32% of all new deliveries between 2014 and 2033. European airlines will add 1,140 new regional jets while China will take in 17% (1,020  aircraft) of all new deliveries in this segment.

Latin America represents 11% of the anticipated worldwide demand in that period for the segment (700 aircraft), while the Asia-Pacific region is expected to buy 520 new 70- to 90-seat jets. Approximately 250 jets will be delivered to operators in the Middle East and 230 to African airlines.