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Aviation Week has been hailed as the #1 source for aerospace and defense intelligence for over 100 years. Our international editors are considered industry experts, and recognized with national and international accolades. They have global perspectives, local knowledge, access to the right sources, and the ability to "connect the dots." Decision makers rely on their unique perspectives found nowhere else. 

Aviation Week sustains market leadership with a global editorial team pioneering thought leadership from news bureaus around the world. Our team's expertise provides vital market analysis by integrating the full scope of a story including research, technology, business, operations and policy.

As well as our flagship title Aviation Week & Space Technology (AW&ST), our industry briefings include Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN), Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, Aviation Daily, Air Transport World, Business & Commercial Aviation, Weekly of Business Aviation, SpeedNews, Inside MRO and ShowNews.

In 2017 Aviation Week was the recipient of the Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Media Brand and the Grand Neal Award. The awards are the business-to-business media equivalent of the Pulitzer Prizes.

Leadership Team

Joe Anselmo

Editor-in-Chief / Executive Director of Content, Aviation Week Network

Washington, DC


Jen DiMascio

Managing Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Washington, DC


Jens Flottau

Managing Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Frankfurt, Germany


William Garvey

Editor-in-Chief, Business & Commercial Aviation

Charleston, South Carolina


Rupa Haria

Director, Digital Content Strategy & Content Marketing, Aviation Week Network

London, UK


Lee Ann Shay

Chief Editor, MRO-Network.com

Chicago, Illinois


Karen Walker

Editor-in-Chief, Air Transport World

Washington, DC


Graham Warwick

Managing Editor, Technology, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Washington, DC

Editors and Contributors (A-Z)

Marhalim Abas

Southeast Asia Correspondent

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Richard Aboulafia

Vice President of Analysis, Teal Group

Washington, DC


Linda Blachly

Online Editor, Air Transport World

Washington, DC


Michael Bruno

Senior Business Editor

Washington, DC


Byron Callan

Director, Capital Alpha Partners

Washington, DC


Bill Carey

Senior Editor, Aircraft Systems & Safety

Washington, DC


Mark Carreau

Space Correspondent

Houston, Texas


James Drew

Defense Editor

Washington, DC


Thierry Dubois

France Bureau Chief

Lyon, France


Antoine Gelain

Managing Director, Paragon European Partners

London, UK


Fred George

Chief Aircraft Evaluation Editor

San Diego, California


Carole Rickard Hedden

Editorial Director, Aviation Week Executive Intelligence

Washington, DC


Aaron Karp

Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Daily

Washington, DC


Regina Kenney

Content Marketing Manager, Aviation Week Network

London, UK


Kim Minsoek

South Korea Correspondent

Seoul, South Korea

Irene Klotz  

Irene Klotz

Space Editor

Cape Canaveral, Florida


Helen Massy-Beresford

Paris Bureau Chief

Paris, France


Molly McMillin

Editor-in-Chief, Weekly of Business Aviation

Wichita, Kansas


Jay Menon

Delhi Bureau Chief

Delhi, India


Kevin Michaels

Global Managing Director, ICF International

London, UK


Victoria Moores

European Editor, Air Transport World

London, UK


Jefferson Morris

Editor-in-Chief, Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Washington, DC


John Morris

Editor-in-Chief, ShowNews

Hartford, Connecticut


Guy Norris

Senior Editor

Los Angeles, California


Tony Osborne

London Bureau Chief

London, UK


James Pozzi

Online Editor, MRO-Network.com

London, UK


Bradley Perrett

Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief

Beijing, China


Maxim Pyadushkin

Moscow Bureau Chief

Moscow, Russia


Jessica Salerno

Executive Editor, Business & Commercial Aviation

Tuscon, Arizona


Lara Seligman

Pentagon Editor

Washington, DC


Adrian Schofield

Senior Air Transport Editor

Auckland, New Zealand


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