A family of new submersible swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) has been unveiled at the DSEi defense show here by U.K.-based submarine rescue specialist James Fisher Defense.

The largest, named Seal Carrier, is a unique eight-diver vehicle capable of transiting at more than 30 kt. on the surface, and entered service with Swedish special forces in February. It has an optional flotation collar for improved stability that is deflated when the craft submerges and allows the craft to travel like a rigid hull inflatable boat on the surface.

Launched from a surface ship or dropped from a CH-47-sized helicopter, the Seal Carrier is powered by a diesel engine and Rolls-Royce waterjet on the surface and in semi-submerged mode. It can submerge in 100 sec. and make a final 7.5 nm run to the target on electrical power. A smaller six-man version is available, called Smart Seal.

JFD is also showing Sub Seal, a more sophisticated vehicle designed to operate submerged at all times, with a 70 km range at 5 kt. and a “sprint” speed of 7 kt. An export version of a system delivered to the Royal Navy has a side-scan sonar for counter-mine operations. Other unique features include a recoverable, tethered buoy antenna that supports line-of-sight radio, UHF satellite communications and GPS, and a system that simultaneously monitors operating depth below the surface and water depth below the craft.