The Transport Workers Union (TWU) next week could open labor talks with AMR Corp. with a counter to the airline’s proposed restructuring plan for its seven TWU-represented employee groups.

TWU’s negotiations likely will address the proposed closure of the Alliance Fort Worth maintenance facility in Texas and attempt to limit the breadth of job losses among its mechanics and fleet service clerks, which are set for reductions of 40% each under AMR’s current plan of reorganization.

AMR also wants to cut its employee defined benefit pensions, but it is unclear if TWU will counter that proposal, too, or leave that issue to the U.S. Pension Guaranty Corp., which is vocally opposed to AMR terminating its pension obligations.

Since the airline issued its labor reorganization plan it has held several meetings with the Allied Pilots Association and in the past few days started negotiations with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. Both sets of talks are at an early stage, but for the pilots at least, the employee group already has tabled an option that will retain 40 agreements in principle that were brokered during pre-Chapter 11 negotiations.

AMR says it wants to move ahead with its labor plan with union approval, but in the past days senior managers, such as SVP-Human Resources Jeffrey Brundage, have indicated that that must occur “in weeks” and will consider seeking bankruptcy court intervention to impose its terms should the airline not reach agreements with its unions.