Saab Sensis Corp. will install its airport surface surveillance technology at nine or more U.S. airports under a contract awarded by the FAA that could be worth up to $119 million.

The FAA has long signaled that it was considering extending the number of airports that will receive the Airport Surface Detection Equipment–Model X (ASDE-X) system. While the latest contract is called Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC), it is essentially the same technology Sensis installed at 35 major airports under ASDE-X.

Sensis, a U.S. subsidiary of Saab, will install systems that fuse surveillance data from multiple sources, including multilateration and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B). This gives controllers a highly accurate picture of runway and taxiway movements, and the ability to detect conflicts and provide alerts.

The latest award is structured as a five-year, $54 million base contract, with options worth $65 million covering additional airports. The FAA has funded the first $5 million increment of the base contract.

While the timetable for the nine airports has not been finalized, Saab Sensis tells Aviation Week that San Francisco likely will be the first to receive the system. The other airports are Anchorage, Andrews Air Force Base, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Cleveland, Kansas City, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore.

Saab Sensis is also the prime contractor for the FAA’s Runway Status Lights system, which is being installed at 23 airports and can can link with the ASSC and ASDE-X systems.