A sandstorm caused the cancellation of almost all of the flying display at the Dubai air show yesterday, as high winds and low visibility hit the show’s new site at Dubai World Central/Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai World Centre.

The weather intervened as Al Fursan, the United Arab Emirates Air Force aerobatic team, were concluding the opening display of the day. Winds had been predicted, but not with the strength that hit the air show. Disruption around the region was extensive, with unexpectedly heavy winds hitting Dubai. There were delays and cancellations to scheduled services at Dubai International Airport. Ibrahim Ali, vice chairman of the Dubai air show’s Flying Control Committee, told ShowNews that the extreme weather had caused disruption as far away as Doha.

The forecast for today is good - but so was the prediction for yesterday. “Unfortunately, meteorology is not the most exact of sciences,” Ali said. A full program of flying is planned: whether the weather permits it remains to be seen.