Engineering Holding, one of the largest MROs in Russia and parent company of S7 Engineering, could gain a competitive advantage in maintenance by stocking up to $5 million of inventory on a consigned basis from AeroTurbine, a subsidiary of International Lease Finance Corp.

Stockpiling used, serviceable material onsite at Engineering Holding’s facility at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow should speed inventory delivery to customers to within one day after ordering.

This inventory also provides an alternative to ordering new parts, which can have long lead-times and import delays.

“Because surplus material hasn’t been readily available in Russia, many operators were forced to purchase new parts, which adds 30-50% to the price,” says Josh Abelson, AeroTurbine’s senior vice president. Sometimes, the best alternative for Russian operators to avoid buying new parts is to have their aircraft maintained outside of the country.

This inventory for Boeing 737- and Airbus A320-family aircraft consists of wheels, brakes, avionics, fuel pumps and actuators. It became available on May 31.

The companies will look at adding more inventory—possibly for other fleet types—after monitoring the initial batch of material, says Abelson.