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Podcast: United in Crisis

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on Apr 15, 2017

Having personally suffered the consequences of using "Captain's" authority before leaving the gate you amateur lawyer/legal experts should know that the captain has no authority in an issue like this.
Second, with the exception of one mention everyone seems to be taking a position based on the picture/video of him being forcibly removed. From what I can determine the forcible removal came after he somehow returned to the aircraft. If that is the case, regardless of what had happened prior to that he became a "threat" to the safety of the aircraft and I doubt any captain would have left the gate with him on board.
45 years military and major air carrier accident, incident free years
Oh, btw, the issue of the need to displace passengers to accommodate the crew. The possibilities are innumerable. If presented with what really was the cause I would guess that few would dispute the decision.

on Apr 17, 2017

It is not just United. It is the entire US airlines industry. Slowly, since deregulation, but ever faster in recent decades, US airlines have stopped treating passengers like customers and have come to view them as victims.

This has gone hand in hand with a feeling that whereas 50 years ago government regulation often sided with the interest of passengers, now government authority will empower any abuse of passengers an airline might desire.

Might it be time for a reconsideration of the situation by the airlines?

Note the responses to the violent treatment of a passenger. Note the general hatred that many Americas have developed for airlines.

There is a curious misunderstanding of the relationship between change and revolution. Change causes revolution, rather than revolution causing change.

Americas airlines, who have profited immensely from the change over the last 40 years have little noticed the rise in hatred towards them by those they essentially oppress. Those the airlines treat with utter ruthless contempt have noticed.

Corporate corruption of the political system is by act of the Supreme Court legal, but that fact may not mean that if the anger and hatred towards airlines finally breaks loose that will cause bipartisan outrage that will overwhelm the BuyPartisan congress.

Even the most partisan congressmen find it easy to "unite" when their constituents demand something be done.

Read the comments on this article and various forums and see what sort of emotions the airlines have engendered and nurtured. Ponder just how dry the tinder is and how easily one incident or activist might start a pro-customer, anti-airline fire storm.

There is no evidence that Queen Marie-Antoinette ever said "let them eat cake." It did not matter. The rumor mills of Paris said she did. And the the populace thought she could say it. She ended up losing her head.

With the internet and the age where fake news influences everything any rumor, true or false might be the spark of a "revolution" which changes the hatred Americans have developed for airlines into legislation and regulation which will discomfort the lords of corner offices across the industry.

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