Industry observers were expecting big order announcements from the so-called Big Three (Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways), and the official launch of the Boeing 777X.

They got both yesterday – in the form of $100 billion worth of commitments with Boeing alone and $42.1 billion with Airbus.

The 777X orders include commitments for 150 for Emirates and 50 for Qatar Airways. Etihad placed a firm order for 25 of the type and 30 787-10s and a 777 freighter. FlyDubai ordered 100 737MAX and 11 737NGs.

Emirates boosted the A380 program with a firm order for 50 A380s, while Etihad ordered 50 A350 Regionals. The Abu Dhabi-based carrier also ordered 36 A320neo family aircraft and one A330 freighter. Qatar Airways boosted its cargo fleet with an order for five A330 freighters.