Australia’s Jetstar says it will boost its market share to 25% on New Zealand’s domestic trunk routes after adding capacity in November, with plans to increase it further.

The carrier plans to add 36 weekly flights between major cities from Nov. 15, introducing a ninth Airbus A320 to its New Zealand domestic operation. Jetstar, the low-cost subsidiary of Qantas, is the only competitor for Air New Zealand on the country’s domestic routes.

Australian airlines are allowed to compete in the New Zealand market.

The new flights will give Jetstar a 24-25% share on the routes it flies, David Hall, Jetstar’s head of Australian and New Zealand operations, tells Aviation Week. This will add two to four percentage points to Jetstar’s current share of these markets.

Jetstar also is cutting flights from Christchurch to the tourist destination of Queenstown, for a net gain of 30 weekly flights. This will give Jetstar a total of 150 weekly flights in the New Zealand domestic market, Hall says. Passenger numbers in this market have increased 30% year-on-year.

Hall says Jetstar intends to boost its New Zealand presence further. However, he says any increase in the near future likely would be additional frequencies on existing routes, rather than new services.

The Nov. 15 expansion will occur on routes between New Zealand’s three largest cities, with 20 weekly flights added between Auckland and Wellington, increasing the weekly total to 60. Seven weekly flights will be added on the Auckland-Christchurch and Wellington-Christchurch routes, for weekly totals of 43 and 21, respectively.

Jetstar also has announced a slight adjustment to its Australia-New Zealand market. One flight a week will be cut on routes from Christchurch to Melbourne and the Gold Coast, while routes from Queenstown to Melbourne and Sydney will gain an extra weekly flight.