Embraer recently expanded the number of parts in its E-Jets pool to support its fleet of more than 1,000 jets. It started the pool with 350 part numbers in Brazil in December 2008, but it now includes 520 part numbers, says Sergio Moura, Embraer’s supervisor of customer support in Latin America.

The expanded pool now includes line replaceable units for engines, nacelles, landing gear, thrust reversers and auxiliary power units.

Moura says 75% of E-Jet customers participate in the pool around the globe, including larger operators Republic Airways and Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, which provide evidence that “having a bigger fleet no longer excludes airlines from participating” in pools.

Republic last year enrolled in Embraer’s Flight Hour Pool Program to cover its E-170, 175 and 190 aircraft through 2017. Through the agreement, Republic sells certain parts to Embraer, which leases them back to the operator.

Moura says Embraer uses a “dynamic calculation” that considers things such as fleet size, mean time between removal for parts, and flight hours to determine which parts to add to the pool. In addition, it looks at “big burden parts or harder to find parts” for airlines, he adds.

Also behind the calculation is PTC’s Service Parts Management software, which helps it plan spare parts and the pools inventory, says Moura.

Ed Wodarski, PTC’s aviation domain expert, says the software helps Embraer figure out how many parts it needs and where to place them.