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Aviation Week produces, procures and maintains comprehensive databases which offer insight into future opportunities in the commercial airlines, military, business aviation and helicopter market segments.
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2018 Workforce Report + Data Sets2018 Workforce Report + Data Sets

Get key insights from Aviation Week Network’s annual Workforce Study about the state of the A&D industry’s workforce, along with the raw data behind the report.


Fleet DiscoveryFleet Discovery

The more than 120 data points on over 156,000 commercial and business aviation aircraft, including military transports, provides the aircraft insight needed to generate new revenue: the complete history of an aircraft, ad hoc reports for real-time answers, month-over-month trend analysis and details on expected deliveries through 2050. Annual Subscription is a comprehensive pre-flight planning service that provides essential information to the air transport industry and is updated daily by a team of subject experts. The service details all the major commercial airports worldwide, listing contact details and technical data, and also supplies information on the full range of airport service providers, including ground handling agents.
MRO ProspectorMRO Prospector
MRO Prospector provides the data and insight needed to pinpoint new business opportunities and to plan strategies to increase productivity and grow revenue within the Commercial MRO market.
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